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Our SPC Collection is a perfect choice for residential and commercial areas. Designed with waterproof Rigid Core technology, antibacterial and acoustic qualities, our new SPC Collection will redefine flooring for working and living environments. From playrooms to schools, from hospitals to home offices, our SPC Collection will help you create a unique and comfortable setting.


You are in a very healthy place: It is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain any harmful substances. With this feature, your home is exceptionally hygienic.

Acoustic Walking Pleasure: With its superior sound-absorbing feature, the Moderni SPC series prevents walking noise on the floor, giving you the comfort of every step in your home.

Fire Resistant: Thanks to the high-tech components used in the Moderni SPC, high resistance to combustion at different temperatures is ensured.

Antibacterial: With its anti-bacterial and long-lasting structure, Moderni SPC products create maximum hygiene and cleaning environment in the public areas.

Intensive Pedestrian Traffic: It offers durable and aesthetic solutions for abrasion and strain due to heavy pressure and traffic in common areas

Waterproof: Thanks to it’s special multi-layered structure, Moderni SPC Flooring is guaranteed to be waterproof, moisture resistant, and antibacterial.